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        Pushing the boundaries of space biotechnology                           Using our discoveries

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Exploring the known and unknown in space biotechnology

Fullarton Space Biotech is exploring how much better things will grow or develop in a deep-space environment.

After taking several yeast samples into space on a Chinese spacecraft, and finding that the samples grew faster in   space than they would on earth, we began investigating other potential benefits of developing living organisms in space.

Now we're investing in a wide range of research and development projects to learn more about the effects of the space environment on living organisms.

Already we're aware of potential applications in sectors such as medicine and healthcare, food and wine production and animal feed production.

We're just starting our journey. We're determined to use the technology now available to us, and the processes we're discovering and creating, to transform  lives.

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+61 (08)8360 8330

+61 (08)8360 8330