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Fullarton Space Biotech

Fullarton Space Biotech focuses on research into the benefits and potential applications of space microorganisms.

Our scientists are working with research institutions, universities, the space industry and manufacturers in China and around the world to investigate how space microorganisms may be able to help pharmaceutical companies, food and wine producers and manufacturers in other industries develop more effective and efficient products and services.

The research we're undertaking is already showing positive results in a range of sectors, such as:

— improving fermentation and product quality in the dairy and wine and spirit industries

— developing functional foods for world populations

— boosting humans' intestinal health.

With our own space microorganism culture, we have the basis for significant scientific and technological development of space microorganisms.

While our aim is to produce life-changing developments in healthcare and food production, we're also exploring how space microorganisms may lower production costs and improve efficiencies in sectors such as animal feed production and skincare.

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L1, 133 Archer Street North Adelaide SA 5006

+61 (08)8360 8330

+61 (08)8360 8330