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Our research expertise and capabilities

Fullarton Space Biotech follows an innovative development model that integrates production, education and research, and international ties with world-leading research institutes and universities in China and other countries.

We have built research teams with specific expertise in bio-pharmaceutical development and food science, and joint labs for research in food and pharmaceuticals, based on space microorganisms and its global platform of space microorganism research.

Our research and development teams are:

— researching and exploring the mutation mechanisms of microorganisms in outer space

— sifting space microorganisms to produce high-quality cultures to provide a high output

— exploring the application of and conducting research in space microorganism pharmaceuticals

— researching the functions of primary and secondary metabolites of space microorganisms

— exploring eco-friendly production modes.

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L1, 133 Archer Street North Adelaide SA 5006

+61 (08)8360 8330

+61 (08)8360 8330