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It's clear that microorganisms have an important role in the development of space biology, but worldwide research relevant to the space biomedical field is still in its infancy. The effects of the space environment on microorganisms and the mechanisms through which they occur are cutting-edge issues that urgently require our attention.

Eventually, laboratories may be designed to mimic the space environment, avoiding the time and cost of having to take samples into space. In the same way that astronauts prepare for space travel in simulated, earth-bound environments, it is likely that terrestrial laboratory facilities will be developed to simulate the environment and conditions of outer space, such as rotary cell culture system, parabolic flight simulation and diamagnetic levitation.

However, since a ground-based simulation environment is artificial, researchers would have to be sure that technology could create conditions on earth the same as those found in space before they could confidently use a 'false space' environment to trigger the mutation processes.


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